Meine KI Favoritenliste

Meine KI Favoritenliste

Sie sprießen jede Woche aus dem Netz auf uns zu. Neue Tools, Apps und Software, die künstliche Intelligenz in sich tragen und versprechen, uns alle möglichen Aufgaben abzunehmen. Einige davon werden zu selbstverständlichen Alltagswerkzeugen, andere werden sich in Luft auflösen. Genug der Einführung. Man lernt nur durch Ausprobieren.

Gutes zum Schreiben, Entwerfen, Zusammenfassen, Auswerten und Rechnen:

ChatGPT: get instant answers, find creative inspiration, and learn something new. Use ChatGPT for free today.
DeepL Write: AI-powered writing companion
DeepL Write is a tool that helps you perfect your writing. Write clearly, precisely, with ease, and without errors. Try for free now!
Humata: ChatGPT for Your Data Files
Unlock AI insights for your files instantly. Ask, learn, and extract data 10X faster with Humata.
Jasper | AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams
Enterprise-grade AI tools to help marketing teams achieve both speed and performance.

Gutes für Bildbearbeitung, Entwerfen und Bildgenerierung:

Generate production quality assets for your creative projects with AI-driven speed and style-consistency.
DALL·E 3 understands significantly more nuance and detail than our previous systems, allowing you to easily translate your ideas into exceptionally accurate images.
Generative KI – Adobe Sensei
Adobe erweitert beliebte Adobe-Produkte um die Vorteile generativer KI. Starte mit KI in eine neue Ära der Kreativität und Produktivität.
Midjourney Documentation and User Guide
Midjourney Documentation and User Guide
Create stunning visuals in seconds with AI.
Remove background, cleanup pictures, upscaling, Stable diffusion and more…

Gutes für Musik, Audiobearbeitung und Podcasting:

Adobe Podcast | AI audio recording and editing, all on the web
Next generation audio from Adobe is here. Record, transcribe, edit, share. Crisp and clear, every time.
AI Voice Generator: Versatile Text to Speech Software | Murf AI
AI Voice Generator in 20 languages. 120+ realistic text to speech voices to create the perfect AI voiceover. Go instantly from text to voice with ease.
AIVA, the AI Music Generation Assistant
AIVA, your AI music generation assistant
Your personal AI music generator.

Gutes zum Designen, Appentwicklung, Powerpoints und Content Creation:

Uizard | App, Web, & UI Design Made Easy | Powered By AI
Design mobile apps, websites, and UIs in minutes with Uizard, the world’s first AI-powered UX/UI design tool! Sign up today.
Galileo AI · Copilot for interface design
Generates delightful UI designs from a text prompt in an instant. Galileo AI combines UI components, images, and content to help you design faster.
Presentation Software | Basic to Beautiful in Minutes with is the best AI-powered presentation software for teams. Stay on brand, level up and automate presentation design, and collaborate from anywhere.
Khroma - The AI color tool for designers
Khroma is the fastest way to discover, search, and save color combos and palettes you’ll love.
Microsoft Designer - Stunning designs in a flash
A graphic design app that helps you create professional quality social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, graphics, and more. Start with your idea and create something unique for you.

Gutes zu CAD & 3D Modellierung

Luma AI - Imagine 3D
Text to 3D with Luma AI
3DFY Prompt
3DFY Prompt uses artificial intelligence to create high-quality 3D models from just a text prompt. Now anyone can quickly create compelling 3D assets for their industry at scale.
Spline AI - 3D Design faster with AI.
The power of AI is coming to the 3rd dimension. Generate 3d objects, animations, and textures using prompts. Design faster and watch your ideas come to life with the help of AI.
Creating 2d and 3d floor plans with AI
Download a 2d floor plan to get great 3d renderings with furniture and a virtual tour